How to choose printed pillow cover material?

How to choose printed pillow cover material?

Discover the Material for Your Pillow Covers: A Comparison of Four Common Options!

Struggling with pillow covers paralysis? Choosing between comfort, style, and durability can be a snooze-fest. But fret no more, pillowcases seekers! Today, we're comparing four common materials to help find your suitable pillow covers soulmate.

Velvet Pillow Covers:

If you're looking for pillow covers that's incredibly soft and skin-friendly, our exquisite velvet pillowcase is the perfect choice. Our velvet cushion covers are available in a stunning array of colors to complement any bedroom decor.

Polyester Pillow Covers:

If you're looking for pillow covers that's soft and durable, polyester is the way to go. These cushion covers feature vibrant prints that highlight intricate design details. Our abstract series pillowcases are a great example, with clear, vibrant prints and the material is soft and comfortable.

Faux Linen Pillow Covers:

For those seeking breathability and durability, faux linen pillowcase is an excellent choice. While these pillowcases may feel slightly rougher compared to polyester, they are perfect for everyday use. The prints on faux linen pillowcases may not be as bright, but they exude a unique retro style that adds a touch of charm to any space. Like our animal series pillow coversthe linen magic brings a touch of vintage magic to your dreamscape.

Waterproof Faux Linen Pillow Covers:

If you need pillow covers that can withstand spills or outdoor elements, waterproof faux linen is the perfect option. While they may have a slightly rough texture, they offer the same fantastic print quality as regular faux linen pillowcases.

With these three cushion cover’s material options, you're sure to find the perfect pillow covers for your needs. Still unsure? Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Comparison of 4 common pillowcase materials




 Machine Washable


5 stars 5 stars



5 stars 5 stars


Faux Linen

4 stars 4 stars


Waterproof Faux Linen

4 stars 4 stars


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